EMYSystem Genus Page: Gopherus
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OrderOrder Testudines (turtles, tortoises and terrapins)
FamilyFamily Testudinidae (Tortoises)
SubfamilySubfamily Xerobatinae ()
GenusGenus Gopherus (Gopher Tortoises)
range of genus Gopherus
approximate range
G. agassizii
G. berlandieri
G. flavomarginatus
G. polyphemus
Original Description Rafinesque 1832 : 64
Common name Gopher Tortoises
Distribution Southern USA and northern Mexico
Comments Reviewed by Auffenberg and Franz (1978a-e) and Smith and Smith (1979). Although Bramble (1982:853) described the genus Scaptochelys to include the species agassizii and berlandieri, the name Xerobates was previously available (Bour and Dubois, 1984b); however, most authors consider this partitioning of the genus Gopherus invalid (e.g., Crumly, 1984b, 1984c, 1990; but see Lamb et al., 1989).
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