EMYSystem: List of All Genera
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Genera by Latin name
Genera [Family; Subfamily]
Genera by Common name
Acanthochelys [Chelidae; Austrochelidinae] African Hinged Terrapins
Amyda [Trionychidae; Trionychinae] African Softshell Turtles
Apalone [Trionychidae; Trionychinae] Alligator Snapping Turtles
Aspideretes [Trionychidae; Trionychinae] American Mud and Musk Turtles
Batagur [Geoemydidae; None] Asian Box Turtles
Callagur [Geoemydidae; None] Asian Giant Softshell Turtles
Caretta [Cheloniidae; None] Asian Leaf Turtles
Carettochelys [Carettochelyidae; None] Asian Tortoises
Chelodina [Chelidae; Chelidinae] Asiatic Softshell Turtles
Chelonia [Cheloniidae; None] Australian Short-necked Turtles
Chelus [Chelidae; Austrochelidinae] Australian Snapping Turtles
Chelydra [Chelydridae; None] Bicallosite Softshell Turtles
Chersina [Testudinidae; Testudininae] Big-headed Amazon River Turtles
Chinemys [Geoemydidae; None] Big-headed Turtles
Chitra [Trionychidae; Trionychinae] Black Marsh Turtles
Chrysemys [Emydidae; Deirochelyinae] Blanding's Turtles
Cistoclemmys [Geoemydidae; None] Bowsprit Tortoises
Claudius [Kinosternidae; Staurotypinae] Box Turtles
Clemmys [Emydidae; Emydinae] Burmese Peacock Softshell Turtles
Cuora [Geoemydidae; None] Cape Tortoises
Cyclanorbis [Trionychidae; Cyclanorbinae] Central African Flapshell Turtles
Cyclemys [Geoemydidae; None] Central American River Turtles
Cycloderma [Trionychidae; Cyclanorbinae] Chicken Turtles
Deirochelys [Emydidae; Deirochelyinae] Chinese Pond Turtles
Dermatemys [Dermatemydidae; None] Chinese Softshell Turtles
Dermochelys [Dermochelyidae; None] Chinese Stripe-necked Turtles
Dogania [Trionychidae; Trionychinae] Common Snapping Turtles
Elseya [Chelidae; Chelidinae] Cooter Turtles
Elusor [Chelidae; Chelidinae] Crowned River Turtles
Emydoidea [Emydidae; Emydinae] Diamondback Terrapins
Emydura [Chelidae; Chelidinae] European Pond Turtles
Emys [Emydidae; Emydinae] Eyed Turtle
Eretmochelys [Cheloniidae; None] Eyed Turtles
Erymnochelys [Podocnemidae; None] Fitzroy River Turtles
Geochelone [Testudinidae; Testudininae] Flatback Turtles
Geoclemys [Geoemydidae; None] Forest Turtles
Geoemyda [Geoemydidae; None] Giant Musk Turtles
Gopherus [Testudinidae; Xerobatinae] Gopher Tortoises
Graptemys [Emydidae; Deirochelyinae] Green Turtles
Hardella [Geoemydidae; None] Hawksbill Turtles
Heosemys [Geoemydidae; None] Helmeted Turtles
Hieremys [Geoemydidae; None] Hinge-back Tortoises
Homopus [Testudinidae; Testudininae] Indian Black Turtles
Hydromedusa [Chelidae; Hydromedusinae] Indian Flapshell Turtles
Indotestudo [Testudinidae; Testudininae] Indian Roofed Turtles
Kachuga [Geoemydidae; None] Indian Softshell Turtles
Kinixys [Testudinidae; Testudininae] Indo-Chinese Box Turtles
Kinosternon [Kinosternidae; Kinosterninae] Indochinese Tortoises
Lepidochelys [Cheloniidae; None] Keeled Box Turtles
Leucocephalon [Geoemydidae; None] Leaf Turtles
Lissemys [Trionychidae; Cyclanorbinae] Leatherback turtles
Macrochelys [Chelydridae; None] Loggerhead Turtles
Malaclemys [Emydidae; Deirochelyinae] Madagascan Big-headed Turtles
Malacochersus [Testudinidae; Testudininae] Malayan Flat-shelled Turtles
Malayemys [Geoemydidae; None] Malayan Snail-eating Turtles
Manouria [Testudinidae; Xerobatinae] Malayan Softshell Turtles
Mauremys [Geoemydidae; None] Malaysian Giant Turtles
Melanochelys [Geoemydidae; None] Map Turtles
Morenia [Geoemydidae; None] Mary River Turtles
Natator [Cheloniidae; None] Matamata Turtles
Nilssonia [Trionychidae; Trionychinae] Musk Turtles
Notochelys [Geoemydidae; None] Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle
Ocadia [Geoemydidae; None] Narrow-headed Softshell Turtles
Orlitia [Geoemydidae; None] Neotropical Wood Turtles
Palea [Trionychidae; Trionychinae] North American Softshell Turtles
Pelochelys [Trionychidae; Trionychinae] Painted Terrapins
Pelodiscus [Trionychidae; Trionychinae] Painted turtles
Pelomedusa [Pelomedusidae; None] Palearctic Tortoises
Peltocephalus [Podocnemidae; None] Pancake Tortoises
Pelusios [Pelomedusidae; None] Pig-nose Turtles
Phrynops [Chelidae; Austrochelidinae] Pond Turtles
Platemys [Chelidae; Austrochelidinae] Ridley Turtles
Platysternon [Platysternidae; None] River Terrapins
Podocnemis [Podocnemidae; None] Slider Turtles
Psammobates [Testudinidae; Testudininae] Snake-necked Turtles
Pseudemydura [Chelidae; Chelidinae] South African Star Tortoises
Pseudemys [Emydidae; Deirochelyinae] South American Side-necked River Turtles
Pyxidea [Geoemydidae; None] South American Side-necked Swamp Turtles
Pyxis [Testudinidae; Testudininae] South American Snake-necked Turtles
Rafetus [Trionychidae; Trionychinae] Spider Tortoises
Rheodytes [Chelidae; Chelidinae] Spotted Pond Turtles
Rhinoclemmys [Geoemydidae; None] Stripe-necked Turtles
Sacalia [Geoemydidae; None] Sub-saharan Flapshell Turtles
Siebenrockiella [Geoemydidae; None] Sulawesi Forest Turtles
Staurotypus [Kinosternidae; Staurotypinae] Toad-headed Turtles
Sternotherus [Kinosternidae; Staurotypinae] Twisted-necked Turtles
Terrapene [Emydidae; Emydinae] Typical Tortoises
Testudo [Testudinidae; Testudininae] Wattle-necked Softshell Turtles
Trachemys [Emydidae; Deirochelyinae] Western Swamp Turtles
Trionyx [Trionychidae; Trionychinae] Yellow-headed Temple Turtles

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