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OrderOrder Testudines (turtles, tortoises and terrapins)
FamilyFamily Kinosternidae (American Mud and Musk Turtles)
SubfamilySubfamily Kinosterninae (American Mud and Musk turtles)
GenusGenus Kinosternon (American Mud and Musk Turtles)
range of genus Kinosternon
approximate range
K. acutum
K. alamosae
K. angustipons
K. baurii
K. chimalhuaca
K. creaseri
K. dunni
K. flavescens
K. herrerai
K. hirtipes
K. integrum
K. leucostomum
K. oaxacae
K. scorpioides
K. sonoriense
K. subrubrum
Original Description Spix 1824 : 17
Common name American Mud and Musk Turtles
Distribution Central, southern and eastern North America to central South America
Comments See Comment under Kinosternidae. Includes the genus Sternotherus (Gray, 1825; not Sternothaerus, Bell, 1825, which has been suppressed by the ICZN [Opinion 1534]; see also Bour and Dubois, 1984a) according to Seidel et. al. (1986), Gaffney and Meylan (1988), Ernst and Barbour (1989), and Iverson (1991), although Sternotherus may deserve subgeneric status (see also Hutchison, 1991, who advocated recognizing Sternotherus at the generic level). Tinkle (1958), Seidel and Lucchino (1981), and Seidel et. al. (1981) reviewed the relationships of the previously recognized "K. carinatum" complex. Zug (1986) reviewed the genus Sternotherus.
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