EMYSystem Species Page: Apalone ferox
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OrderOrder Testudines (turtles, tortoises and terrapins)
FamilyFamily Trionychidae (Softshell Turtles)
SubfamilySubfamily Trionychinae (Common Softshell Turtles)
GenusGenus Apalone (North American Softshell Turtles)
SpeciesSpecies Apalone ferox (Florida Softshell Turtle)
range of species Apalone ferox
approximate range
Original Description Schneider 1783 : 330
Type Locality Not stated; "Savannah and Altamaha rivers and ... rivers in east Florida" [USA] according to Garden (1772:268-271); restricted to "Georgia" by Boulenger (1889:259); further restricted to "Savannah river, Ga." by Baur (1893b:220); unnecessarily restricted to "East Florida" by Neill (1951:17); restriction corrected to "Savannah River", Georgia by Schwartz (1956b:8)
Holotype BMNH 1947.3.6.17 (formerly 53A)
Original name Testudo ferox
Common name Florida Softshell Turtle
Distribution Southern South Carolina, southern Alabama and central Georgia to southern Florida, USA
Comments Reviewed by Webb (1962, 1973b; as Trionyx ferox) and Meylan (1987). Subgenus Platypeltis according to Meylan (1987:92).
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