EMYSystem Species Page: Geochelone carbonaria
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OrderOrder Testudines (turtles, tortoises and terrapins)
FamilyFamily Testudinidae (Tortoises)
SubfamilySubfamily Testudininae ()
GenusGenus Geochelone (Typical Tortoises)
SpeciesSpecies Geochelone carbonaria (Red-footed Tortoise)
range of species Geochelone carbonaria
approximate range
Original Description Spix 1824 : 22
Type Locality "Habitat sub cognomine 'Capitary' (?) ad flumen Amazonum" [South America]
Holotype Originally in ZSM, now lost; Hoogmoed and Gruber 1983:354 selected plate XVI of Spix 1824 as lectotype.
Original name Testudo carbonaria
Common name Red-footed Tortoise
Distribution Panama and Colombia to Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina; introduced onto many of the islands in the West Indies (see Schwartz and Thomas, 1975; Censky, 1988; and Schwartz and Henderson, 1991
Comments Subgenus Chelonoidis according to Bour (1984c). Confused with Geochelone denticulata prior to Williams (1960). Reviewed by Castaņo and Lugo (1981), Groombridge (1982), Pritchard and Trebbau (1984), and Walker (in Swingland and Klemens, 1989).
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