EMYSystem Species Page: Pelomedusa subrufa
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OrderOrder Testudines (turtles, tortoises and terrapins)
FamilyFamily Pelomedusidae (Afro-American Side-necked Turtles)
SubfamilySubfamily no_subfamily ()
GenusGenus Pelomedusa (Helmeted Turtles)
SpeciesSpecies Pelomedusa subrufa (Helmeted Turtle)
range of species Pelomedusa subrufa
approximate range
Original Description Bonnaterre 1789 : 28
Type Locality "Indes" (in error); designated as "Kap der Guten Hoffnung" [= Cape of Good Hope, Republic of South Africa] by Mertens (1937:139); designated as "Taolañaro (Fort-Dauphin), République Malagasy (Madagascar)" by Bour (1982b:535).
Holotype MNHN 7970
Original name Testudo subrufa
Common name Helmeted Turtle
Distribution Africa from Senegal and Ethiopia to Republic of South Africa, Madagascar, and southern Saudi Arabia and Yemen
Comments Originally described by Lacepède (1788:173), but that work was made unavailable by ICZN Opinion 1463 (1987). Includes P. galeata Schoepff (1792:12) according to all recent authors. Reviewed by Loveridge (1941), and Boycott and Bourquin (1988).
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