EMYSystem Species Page: Peltocephalus dumerilianus
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OrderOrder Testudines (turtles, tortoises and terrapins)
FamilyFamily Podocnemidae ()
SubfamilySubfamily no_subfamily ()
GenusGenus Peltocephalus (Big-headed Amazon River Turtles)
SpeciesSpecies Peltocephalus dumerilianus (Big-headed Amazon River Turtle)
range of species Peltocephalus dumerilianus
approximate range
Original Description Schweigger 1812 : 300
Type Locality "America meridionali".
Holotype Formerly in the MNHN, but apparently now lost; see Comment.
Original name Emys dumeriliana
Common name Big-headed Amazon River Turtle
Distribution Orinoco to Amazon river basins in Venezuela, eastern Colombia, eastern Ecuador, northeastern Peru, French Guiana, and Brazil
Comments Reviewed by Pritchard and Trebbau (1984). Fretey (1977
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