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Subfamily by Latin name
Subfamily;  Family    (See Subfamily by common name)
Austrochelidinae;  Chelidae
Chelidinae;  Chelidae
Cyclanorbinae;  Trionychidae
Deirochelyinae;  Emydidae
Emydinae;  Emydidae
Hydromedusinae;  Chelidae
Kinosterninae;  Kinosternidae
Staurotypinae;  Kinosternidae
Testudininae;  Testudinidae
Trionychinae;  Trionychidae
Xerobatinae;  Testudinidae

Subfamily by common name
American Mud and Musk turtles
Common Softshell Turtles
Emydine Turtles
Flapshell Softshell Turtles
Tropical Musk Turtles

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