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order..........TESTUDINES (turtles, tortoises and terrapins)
family...........Emydidae (Pond Turtles)
subfamily.......Emydinae (Emydine Turtles)
genera list
Clemmys (Pond Turtles)
Emydoidea (Blanding's Turtles)
Emys (European Pond Turtles)
Terrapene (Box Turtles)
Original Description
Rafinesque 1815 : 75
Original name
Common Name
Emydine Turtles
Americas and Eurasia; North Africa
Phylogenetic relationships are discussed by McDowell (1964), Bramble (1974), and Dryden (1989). See Smith and Smith (1979:413-415) for taxonomic history. Gaffney and Meylan (1988) and Seidel and Adkins (1989) favor the recognition of two subfamilies: the Emydinae (Clemmys, Emys, Emydoidea, and Terrapene) and the Deirochelyinae (Chrysemys, Deirochelys, Graptemys, Malaclemys, Pseudemys, and Trachemys).
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