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Genera by Latin name  (See Genera by common name)
Genus  [Family; Subfamily]
Acanthochelys [Chelidae; Austrochelidinae]
Amyda [Trionychidae; Trionychinae]
Apalone [Trionychidae; Trionychinae]
Aspideretes [Trionychidae; Trionychinae]
Batagur [Geoemydidae; None]
Callagur [Geoemydidae; None]
Caretta [Cheloniidae; None]
Carettochelys [Carettochelyidae; None]
Chelodina [Chelidae; Chelidinae]
Chelonia [Cheloniidae; None]
Chelus [Chelidae; Austrochelidinae]
Chelydra [Chelydridae; None]
Chersina [Testudinidae; Testudininae]
Chinemys [Geoemydidae; None]
Chitra [Trionychidae; Trionychinae]
Chrysemys [Emydidae; Deirochelyinae]
Cistoclemmys [Geoemydidae; None]
Claudius [Kinosternidae; Staurotypinae]
Clemmys [Emydidae; Emydinae]
Cuora [Geoemydidae; None]
Cyclanorbis [Trionychidae; Cyclanorbinae]
Cyclemys [Geoemydidae; None]
Cycloderma [Trionychidae; Cyclanorbinae]
Deirochelys [Emydidae; Deirochelyinae]
Dermatemys [Dermatemydidae; None]
Dermochelys [Dermochelyidae; None]
Dogania [Trionychidae; Trionychinae]
Elseya [Chelidae; Chelidinae]
Elusor [Chelidae; Chelidinae]
Emydoidea [Emydidae; Emydinae]
Emydura [Chelidae; Chelidinae]
Emys [Emydidae; Emydinae]
Eretmochelys [Cheloniidae; None]
Erymnochelys [Podocnemidae; None]
Geochelone [Testudinidae; Testudininae]
Geoclemys [Geoemydidae; None]
Geoemyda [Geoemydidae; None]
Gopherus [Testudinidae; Xerobatinae]
Graptemys [Emydidae; Deirochelyinae]
Hardella [Geoemydidae; None]
Heosemys [Geoemydidae; None]
Hieremys [Geoemydidae; None]
Homopus [Testudinidae; Testudininae]
Hydromedusa [Chelidae; Hydromedusinae]
Indotestudo [Testudinidae; Testudininae]
Kachuga [Geoemydidae; None]
Kinixys [Testudinidae; Testudininae]
Kinosternon [Kinosternidae; Kinosterninae]
Lepidochelys [Cheloniidae; None]
Leucocephalon [Geoemydidae; None]
Lissemys [Trionychidae; Cyclanorbinae]
Macrochelys [Chelydridae; None]
Malaclemys [Emydidae; Deirochelyinae]
Malacochersus [Testudinidae; Testudininae]
Malayemys [Geoemydidae; None]
Manouria [Testudinidae; Xerobatinae]
Mauremys [Geoemydidae; None]
Melanochelys [Geoemydidae; None]
Morenia [Geoemydidae; None]
Natator [Cheloniidae; None]
Nilssonia [Trionychidae; Trionychinae]
Notochelys [Geoemydidae; None]
Ocadia [Geoemydidae; None]
Orlitia [Geoemydidae; None]
Palea [Trionychidae; Trionychinae]
Pelochelys [Trionychidae; Trionychinae]
Pelodiscus [Trionychidae; Trionychinae]
Pelomedusa [Pelomedusidae; None]
Peltocephalus [Podocnemidae; None]
Pelusios [Pelomedusidae; None]
Phrynops [Chelidae; Austrochelidinae]
Platemys [Chelidae; Austrochelidinae]
Platysternon [Platysternidae; None]
Podocnemis [Podocnemidae; None]
Psammobates [Testudinidae; Testudininae]
Pseudemydura [Chelidae; Chelidinae]
Pseudemys [Emydidae; Deirochelyinae]
Pyxidea [Geoemydidae; None]
Pyxis [Testudinidae; Testudininae]
Rafetus [Trionychidae; Trionychinae]
Rheodytes [Chelidae; Chelidinae]
Rhinoclemmys [Geoemydidae; None]
Sacalia [Geoemydidae; None]
Siebenrockiella [Geoemydidae; None]
Staurotypus [Kinosternidae; Staurotypinae]
Sternotherus [Kinosternidae; Staurotypinae]
Terrapene [Emydidae; Emydinae]
Testudo [Testudinidae; Testudininae]
Trachemys [Emydidae; Deirochelyinae]
Trionyx [Trionychidae; Trionychinae]

Genera by common name
African Hinged Terrapins
African Softshell Turtles
Alligator Snapping Turtles
American Mud and Musk Turtles
Asian Box Turtles
Asian Giant Softshell Turtles
Asian Leaf Turtles
Asian Tortoises
Asiatic Softshell Turtles
Australian Short-necked Turtles
Australian Snapping Turtles
Bicallosite Softshell Turtles
Big-headed Amazon River Turtles
Big-headed Turtles
Black Marsh Turtles
Blanding's Turtles
Bowsprit Tortoises
Box Turtles
Burmese Peacock Softshell Turtles
Cape Tortoises
Central African Flapshell Turtles
Central American River Turtles
Chicken Turtles
Chinese Pond Turtles
Chinese Softshell Turtles
Chinese Stripe-necked Turtles
Common Snapping Turtles
Cooter Turtles
Crowned River Turtles
Diamondback Terrapins
European Pond Turtles
Eyed Turtle
Eyed Turtles
Fitzroy River Turtles
Flatback Turtles
Forest Turtles
Giant Musk Turtles
Gopher Tortoises
Green Turtles
Hawksbill Turtles
Helmeted Turtles
Hinge-back Tortoises
Indian Black Turtles
Indian Flapshell Turtles
Indian Roofed Turtles
Indian Softshell Turtles
Indo-Chinese Box Turtles
Indochinese Tortoises
Keeled Box Turtles
Leaf Turtles
Leatherback turtles
Loggerhead Turtles
Madagascan Big-headed Turtles
Malayan Flat-shelled Turtles
Malayan Snail-eating Turtles
Malayan Softshell Turtles
Malaysian Giant Turtles
Map Turtles
Mary River Turtles
Matamata Turtles
Musk Turtles
Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle
Narrow-headed Softshell Turtles
Neotropical Wood Turtles
North American Softshell Turtles
Painted Terrapins
Painted turtles
Palearctic Tortoises
Pancake Tortoises
Pig-nose Turtles
Pond Turtles
Ridley Turtles
River Terrapins
Slider Turtles
Snake-necked Turtles
South African Star Tortoises
South American Side-necked River Turtles
South American Side-necked Swamp Turtles
South American Snake-necked Turtles
Spider Tortoises
Spotted Pond Turtles
Stripe-necked Turtles
Sub-saharan Flapshell Turtles
Sulawesi Forest Turtles
Toad-headed Turtles
Twisted-necked Turtles
Typical Tortoises
Wattle-necked Softshell Turtles
Western Swamp Turtles
Yellow-headed Temple Turtles

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