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order..........TESTUDINES (turtles, tortoises and terrapins)
family...........Pelomedusidae (Afro-American Side-necked Turtles)
genus...............Pelusios (African Hinged Terrapins)
species list
P. adansonii (Adanson's Mud Turtle)
P. bechuanicus (Okavango Mud Turtle)
P. broadleyi (Turkana Mud Turtle)
P. carinatus (African Keeled Mud Turtle)
P. castaneus (West African Mud Turtle)
P. castanoides (Yellow-bellied Mud Turtle)
P. chapini (Central African Mud Turtle)
P. gabonensis (African Forest Turtle)
P. nanus (African Dwarf Mud Turtle)
P. niger (West African Black Turtle)
P. rhodesianus (Variable Mud Turtle)
P. seychellensis (Seychelles Mud Turtle)
P. sinuatus (East African Serrated Mud Turtle)
P. subniger (East African Black Mud Turtle)
P. upembae (Upemba Mud Turtle)
P. williamsi (Williams' Mud Turtle)
Original Description
Wagler 1830 : 137
Common Name
African Hinged Terrapins
Africa; Madagascar; Seychelles, Mauritius, Cape Verde, Diego Garcia, and Gloriosa Islands
Reviewed by Laurent (1965), Broadley (1981b, 1983), and Bour (1983). Taxonomy follows Bour (1983), though disagreements are noted under Comments. Smith et al. (1980) and Bour and Dubois (1984a) discuss the nomenclatural problems associated with the priority of the name Sternothaerus Bell (1825:305), which has been suppressed by the ICZN (Opinion 1534; Melville, 1989). Wood (1974) recognized two species groups: adansonii (including adansonii, broadleyi, gabonensis, nanus and niger) and subniger (subniger and all other species), although Bour (1986a) questioned their distinctiveness.
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