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What is on our site
The foundation of this site is a database of the location of every species of freshwater and land turtle that has been collected by a museum, private individual, or referenced in a publication. Our site is a continuation of the work done by John B. Iverson in his 1992 book A Revised Checklist with Distribution Maps of the Turtles of the World. Because the Web offers an interactive and dynamic publishing environment, we have supplemented Dr. Iverson's original work with more mapping options and additional information for the general public, such as a glossary and pictures.

Why this is important
The history of where turtles are found is an important record for conservation and preservation efforts and an invaluable resource for anyone interested in turtle research. If you have ever wondered which turtles are found where you live, you are interested in turtle research.
What is not on our site
  • Locations of sea turtles. Because marine turtles travel long distances in the oceans, it is difficult to document and maintain location data. Additionally, there are other conservation groups that collect and present this information better than we could.
  • Information on care, breeding, or sale of turtles. We are not veterinarians nor turtle breeders. We do not have specimens for sale or exchange nor can we make recommendations about turtle care or health.
  • Dr. Iverson's complete publication. To make the site useful to both amateurs and scientists, we have deviated a great deal from the formatting of the original publication. While we have attempted to include all of the information from the original publication, the ever-changing nature of the data and the limitations of the media, guarantees that differences between our site and the book will exist.
  • Confidential information. All information on our server comes from publicly available sources or from individuals or institutions willing to make such information public.
  • How you can help us
    Tell us how we can make the site more useful to you and answer our Current User Survey. If you are an amateur or professional herpetologist, collector, or museum contact, we would like to add to our database of species information. Please read our Privacy Policy and contact us if you are willing to share information.

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