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the upper, domed bony part of the shell that protects the top of a turtle or tortoise. See also plastron.
color line map
a map in which the features are illustrated by using lines of different colors. Road maps are a common example of this type of map.
for "Graphics Interchange Format," a common image format supported by most browsers. Legal controversy helped spawn the development of the PNG format.
the single specimen used in defining a taxonomic group in the original published description.
the chromosome profile of an individual. Useful in determining possible relationships between individuals as well as chromosomal abnormalities and irregularities.
land use map
a map in which different colors are used to denote land-use classifications, such as farmland, hardwood forests, or urban areas.
the form and structure of an organism.
original description
the description of a taxonomic group when first established.
relating to the plastron.
the lower bony part of the shell that protects the underside of a turtle or tortoise. See also carapace.
for "Portable Network Graphics," an image format like GIF or TIFF. Now supported in the major browsers, older browsers may require a plug-in to view PNG images. We use PNG graphics for dynamic images to avoid legal issues and controversy surrounding the GIF format. Pronounced "ping."
shaded relief map
a map in which different elevations or topographic features are colored and shaded, resulting in a three-dimensional effect.
plural of taxon
a group of organisims that are considered distinct enough to be treated as a separate unit. As an example, the family Chelidae and all subordinate members of that family would belong to the same taxon or taxonomic group.
taxonomic group
any taxon, to include subordinate taxa.
the single element of a taxon to which its name is permanently associated, and on which the description or valid publication is based.
type species
the species designated as the type of a genus or subgenus.

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