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What information about you is written to our logs

Why we log this information
Primarily, we collect this information for security purposes and we do review the logs each day for potential security problems. The logs also help us identify problems with broken links, programs, and the database. We also periodically analyze these logs to get a better understanding or our user community such as which pages are visited most often and how many users visit our site in any amount of time. We do not attempt to track or identify site visitors. We do not use cookies.

What we do with these logs
We delete them. Currently (and honestly) we do not have a fixed schedule for deleting these logs but we expect that, depending on the number of visitors to our site, that we can keep them no longer than six months. We do not share the log information with any third parties although we will cooperate with law enforcement agencies and legal requests as required by law.

Email and email addresses are not shared with third parties without your knowledge or consent. Email sent through our server is merely relayed and the actual text of your message is never logged. Because of complex legal issues regarding the privacy of email, we ask that you contact us by postal mail or telephone if you have a question or comment that requires some degree of confidentiality. We try and answer all of our email but anonymous comments and suggestions are also welcome. You do not have to provide your email address to use our Contact Us page.

User Survey Information
Information gathered from the User Survey forms is not shared with third parties and your contact information is always optional. If contact information is provided, we may contact you to ask you more about your comments or to provide additional information.

If you wish to contribute information to our site, our records require some form of public contact information be made available. As a minimum, we require your name and at least one of the following: email address, web site URL, postal address, or telephone number.

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