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order..........TESTUDINES (turtles, tortoises and terrapins)
family...........Emydidae (Pond Turtles)
subfamily.......Deirochelyinae ()
genus...............Graptemys (Map Turtles)
species list
G. barbouri (Barbour's Map Turtle)
G. caglei (Cagle's Map Turtle)
G. ernsti (Escambia Map Turtle)
G. flavimaculata (Yellow-blotched Map Turtle)
G. geographica (Common Map Turtle)
G. gibbonsi (Pascagoula Map Turtle)
G. nigrinoda (Black-knobbed Map Turtle)
G. oculifera (Ringed Map Turtle)
G. ouachitensis (Ouachita Map Turtle)
G. pseudogeographica (False Map Turtle)
G. pulchra (Alabama Map Turtle)
G. versa (Texas Map Turtle)
Original Description
Agassiz 1857 : 436
Common Name
Map Turtles
Eastern USA and southeastern Canada
The species composition of this genus is problematic; see Comments under G. ouachitensis and G. pseudogeographica. Reviewed by Dobie (1981).
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