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order..........TESTUDINES (turtles, tortoises and terrapins)
family...........Geoemydidae ()
genus...............Cuora (Asian Box Turtles)
species list
C. amboinensis (Southeast Asian Box Turtle)
C. aurocapitata (Yellow-headed Box Turtle)
C. mccordi (McCord's Box Turtle)
C. pani (Pan's Box Turtle)
C. trifasciata (Chinese Three-striped Box Turtle)
C. yunnanensis (Yunnan Box Turtle)
C. zhoui (Zhuo's Box Turtle)
Original Description
Gray 1855 : 41
Common Name
Asian Box Turtles
Southern Asia to Sulawesi and Philippines
Tribe Batagurini. Bour (1980a:158) and Hirayama (1984:147) removed the highly terrestrial species flavomarginata and galbinifrons from Cuora and placed them in the separate genus Cistoclemmys Gray (1963a:175); however, this arrangement has not been accepted by most subsequent authors (e.g., Lorenz, 1984; Ernst and Barbour, 1989; Ernst and Lovich, 1990; McCord and Iverson, 1991; Rummler and Fritz, 1991). Reviewed by McCord and Iverson (1991). A new species from northern Vietnam is being described by McCord and Iverson.
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