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order..........TESTUDINES (turtles, tortoises and terrapins)
family...........Chelidae (Austro-American Side-necked Turtles)
subfamily.......Chelidinae ()
genus...............Emydura (Australian Short-necked Turtles)
species..............Emydura signata (Brisbane Short-necked Turtle)
Original Description
Ahl 1932 : 127
ZMB 34102
Type Locality
"Umgebung von BRISBANE [Queensland], Australien"
Original name
Emydura signata
Common Name
Brisbane Short-necked Turtle
Coastal basins in northeastern New South Wales and southeastern Queensland, Australia
Considered a subspecies of Emydura macquarrii by Wermuth and Mertens (1977:128). Actually includes several distinct, allopatric species according to Cann (1978) and John Legler (pers. comm.). Reviewed by Cogger et al. (1983). Erroneously placed in the genus Chelymys Gray (1844) by Wells and Wellington (1985:12); they also named the Macleay River population of New South Wales as C. cooki, and the upper Hunter River basin population in New South Wales as C. joncanni, each without a diagnosis or adequate description.
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