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order..........TESTUDINES (turtles, tortoises and terrapins)
family...........Kinosternidae (American Mud and Musk Turtles)
subfamily.......Kinosterninae (American Mud and Musk turtles)
genus...............Kinosternon (American Mud and Musk Turtles)
species..............Kinosternon baurii (Striped Mud Turtle)
Original Description
Garman 1891 : 141
(11 specimens) MCZ 282; MCZ 283; MCZ 284; MCZ 285; MCZ 286; MCZ 287; MCZ 1558; MCZ 1563; MCZ 4380; UMMZ 53038 (formerly MCZ 4718; MCZ 4379 according to Kluge 1984:80); FMNH 73481 (formerly MCZ 4050)
Type Locality
"Key West" [Monroe Co., Florida, USA]
Original name
Cinosternon baurii
Common Name
Striped Mud Turtle
Florida, Georgia, and southeastern South Carolina, and to eastern North Carolina and Virgina according to Lamb and Lovich (1990) [USA]
Reviewed by Ernst (1974), Iverson (1978a), and Lamb and Lovich (1990). Variation (morphometric and molecular) in this species needs to be examined in the context of variation across the entire range of its sister taxon, K. subrubrum; K. baurii is so similar morphometrically to K. subrubrum hippocrepis that most specimens of the latter are identified as K. baurii using Lamb and Lovich's (1990) discriminant function for eastern United States Kinosternon.
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