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order..........TESTUDINES (turtles, tortoises and terrapins)
family...........Kinosternidae (American Mud and Musk Turtles)
subfamily.......Kinosterninae (American Mud and Musk turtles)
genus...............Kinosternon (American Mud and Musk Turtles)
species..............Kinosternon flavescens (Yellow Mud Turtle)
Original Description
Agassiz 1857 : 430
(5 specimens) USNM 50; USNM 131823 (formerly 7867); USNM 7892; MCZ 1918; MCZ 1919; USNM 50 designated lectotype by Iverson 1978b:478.
Type Locality
"Texas, near San Antonio; ... lower Rio Grande; ... Red River, Arkansas; ... Camp Yuma; ... Gila River" [USA]; incorrectly restricted by Smith and Taylor (1950:24) to "Waco [McLennan Co.], Texas" [USA] according to Maslin (1959:22); restricted to "Rio Blanco, near San Antonio [Bexar Co.], Texas" [USA] by Iverson (1978b:478)
Original name
Platythyra flavescens
Common Name
Yellow Mud Turtle
Southern Nebraska to southern Arizona, USA and Sonora, Durango, Tamaulipas and Veracruz, Mexico; disjunct populations in western Illinois, eastern Iowa, northeastern and southwestern Missouri and the Nebraska Sandhills, USA
Reviewed by Seidel (1978), Iverson (1979a; 1989c, arizonense only), Smith and Smith (1979), Houseal et al. (1982), and Berry and Berry (1984). A fourth subspecies, K. f. spooneri Smith (1951:195), has recently been synonymized with the nominate subspecies (e.g., see Berry and Berry, 1984).
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