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order..........TESTUDINES (turtles, tortoises and terrapins)
family...........Testudinidae (Tortoises)
subfamily.......Xerobatinae ()
genus...............Manouria (Indochinese Tortoises)
species..............Manouria emys (Asian Brown Tortoise)
Original Description
Schlegel and Müller 1844 : 34
(5 specimens) RMNH 3808; RMNH 6005; RMNH 6030; RMNH 17967; MNHN 9422; RMNH 3808 designated lectotype by Hoogmoed and Crumly 1984:251.
Type Locality
"Sumatra, te midden der hoage bergbosschen, aan de Zuidzijde van den Goenong Singalong, in derok groote vallei, door welke de river Auch, uit de zoogenaamde bovenlanden naar de westelijke zeekurt afstroomt."
Original name
Testudo emys
Common Name
Asian Brown Tortoise
(next page) Eastern India to southern Vietnam and south to Malaya, Sumatra, and Borneo
Reviewed by Smith (1931; as Testudo emys), Bourret (1941; as Testudo emys), Taylor (1970; as Testudo emys), Groombridge (1982; as Geochelone emys), Obst (1983a), Tikader and Sharma (1985), Moll (in Swingland and Klemens, 1989), and Das (1991). Includes Testudo nutapundi Reimann (in Wirot, 1979), according to Obst (1983a), Hoogmoed and Crumly (1984), Bour (1984b:169), and Crumly (1988).
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